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NFC, QR and Beacons and the IoT

(the internet of things)

With the onset of Smart Devices  - NFC tags, QR codes, SMS (short message service) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy Devices), Symphony can help you meld emerging technology with creative abstracts for business or marketing .

Devices can be physically incorporated in products, in print, for events, promotions, contests, gamification or virtually any marketing idea that requires triggers to actuate the needs of your event.

 Going further, we add data capture to this mix. Rich and pertinent data that comes from the use of devices and adds value to the creative investment.

On their own, these devices are simplistic in nature but pack a significant "PUNCH" when driven by a successful campaign. 


NFC - Near Field Communication

Soon, your entire world could become a digitally immersive experience. Imagine it - a physical version of the Web, one in which everything (and maybe everyone) has a digital signature. You'll have instant access to information about products, services, landmarks and even people, all thanks to near field communication (NFC) technology and the smart tags that work with NFC.


QR Codes


QR codes works in the same way as barcodes or NFC tags works. It's a trigger to make a function happen. It's a camera-scannable image that can be instantly read using a Smartphone. Every QR code consists of a pattern of squares and dots representing the data. This data triggers an action towards the information you want to convey. It could be a URL, address information or an action to make something happen.

beacon_900 px.jpg

What is a Bluetooth BLE Beacon


It's a small radio transmitter, powered by batteries. Beacons are like a DATA STROBE transmitting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. Smartphones are capable of scanning and displaying the information in this signal, therefore communicating a message to a smartphone in its proximity. The Beacon can be used anywhere someone wishes to transmit a marketing message within that vicinity.


We can make anything work with NFC

T-shirts,  Hats,  Key-Chains,  Business Cards,  Apparel - virtually anything in a promotion or event.

We also provide data management and reporting when you need to know who is engaging your promotion or event.

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